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Useful (in Dutch): if your child’s music lessons are too expensive you may want to explore eligibility for a contribution from this fund.

Reading, hearing

Earz: This app offers games for audio training, note reading improvement and harmony recognition. As a teacher I can enhance the offerings with my own games. Buy a subscription or log in for free if you are my student. Take a look at the student login

Music scores: downloads, purchase, copies (in Dutch) Association for music sellers en publishers; useful information about downloading or copying music scores.

Is your score falling apart?

My pupil Marjo (physiotherapist) can help repair it! Contact her at:

Piano lamp? fantastic lectern lamps!


All of Bach logo for all Bach lovers; many of Bach’s works are already available, new recordings being added until his entire oeuvre will be on the site: fantastic and very informative!

Other related links


Nice films : the first concert hall on wheels in the world, maybe to be found in primary schools in the region?

Cadeautip! nice listening games for children made by the best Dutch children concert producer.

Do you have tips of nice music films? I am glad to add them!

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